D's Lorna Jane At-Home Parties

Be rewarded with FREE & ½ price shopping! 

D's Lorna Jane At-Home offers you and your friends a personalised shopping experience in the convenience of your own home.

Hosting your own Lorna Jane party is an ideal way to see your favourite Lorna Jane Activewear and a selection of the new arrivals without having to travel out of the comfort of your home. Not to mention that you get to hang out with all your beautiful friends.

Unwind with some ‘me time’ - your family and friends will thank you for their own personal styling experience and a chance to have a sneak peak of the NEW collection coming the next month. If you live in South West Sydney, why not host your own Lorna Jane party today! BOOK NOW



Terms and Conditions:
•    Minimum Party Sales $300
•    Your party sales include all products sold at the RRP at your party (or through outside orders that are related to your party)
•    Party Sales do not include your Host Reward entitlement (free, half price or Exclusive Host Specials)
•    Your free and half price product entitlement is to be chosen from the current range
•    You must place your free and half price product with your consultant at the time of your party (offer expires at the conclusion of your party)
•    Forward booked parties must be held and orders submitted within 30 days of the original party
•    Half price product(s) will be sent after the forward booked party (parties) have been held and orders placed

To find out more call 0401 423 507 or fill in your details on the CONTACT form and I will get back to you ASAP!

"I am your own Personal Lorna Jane Stylist that brings LJ Activewear to you"