Our handmade candles are poured in Australia using non-toxic soy wax that is biodegradable and free from pesticides and contains no genetically modified material. Brilliant Scent candles contain two natural cotton wicks containing no lead. Our candles come packaged in a glass canister with a lid that can be washed and reused for a variety of uses after your candle has finished burning.
  • Never leave a candle unattended  - AWAYS burn with insight.
  • Keep away from flammable items and items that can catch fire.
  • Always supervise children & animals around burning candles.
  • Never burn candles for longer than 3 - 4 hours & less than 1 hour at one time. Let the candle cool down for 1hr before lighting again
  • Never burn a candle below 3.5cm of wax at bottom of jar approximately. Best not to go lower than the top of the Brilliant logo - STOP BURNING CANDLE as this can become unsafe.
  • Ensure wicks are trimmed to 1/4 inch & upright NOT CURLED OVER
  • Make sure wicks are not touching the side of the glass or near it as this can heat the glass up and cause it to crack.
  • Keep wick maintained as specified above to ensure you do not form black soot on the candle glass.
  • Do not extinguish a lit candle with the candle lid
  • Always remove the candle from dust bag before lighting the wicks.
  • The glass may become HOT - handle with caution
  • Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the candle glass