My Lorna Jane Story

My Lorna Jane business "Danielle's All Things Fit and Fabulous" started back in August, when I received that magical first email from my account manager but my love for the Lorna Jane brand began many many years before.

I have loved the Lorna Jane brand for as long as I can remember. As the years have gone by, that passion has grown and so has my fitness levels and my growing ambition to be an entrepreneur. I have always been an athletic and active person which is why being a Lorna Jane Activator is a perfect fit for me.

I have 20 years of business experience and have run multimillion dollar business' during that time. I have a love for clothes and fitness, so when I was given the opportunity to become a Lorna Jane Activator, I jumped at the chance.

My vision is to grow my business over time and touch as many people as I can. I will run my Lorna Jane business alongside my Family Day Care with utmost focus, drive and determination.

I can't wait to see Danielle's All Things Fit and Fabulous grow into the business of my dreams!

If you love to exercise at the gym and look great while doing it, please check out my Lorna Jane range TODAY!

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